Interior Sunny Golovec

The interior project is located on the 8th floor of a newly constructed residential complex in the vibrant city of Celje. Situated with a south-west orientation, it benefits from abundant sunlight, particularly during the afternoon hours. Our goal for this project was to emphasize the stunning views and enhance the overall brightness within the space.

To achieve this, we implemented a combination of bright oak and white furniture throughout the apartment. While respecting the client’s oriental background, certain elements such as the carpet and pillows were carefully selected to maintain a contextual harmony with the apartment’s location. The design seamlessly integrates these cultural elements into the overall aesthetic.

Given the remarkable views offered by the apartment, it was a logical decision to create nooks and niches along the perimeter. These areas are strategically placed to encapture the windows, allowing residents to fully appreciate the surrounding scenery. These nooks serve multiple purposes, providing spaces for reading, relaxation, and even sleeping in the bedroom.

The outdoor terrace of the apartment is spacious and thoughtfully designed. It serves as a tranquil retreat and offers additional storage space while discreetly concealing the outdoor air conditioning unit..