Conceptual design of a cultural and arts center with residential area in Yazd, Iran

The focus of this master’s thesis is the development of a cultural and residential building in the southern part of Yazd’s historic city in Iran. Through an analysis and research of the degraded urban fabric, the aim is to enhance the urban potential and enrich the city’s future development. Although a framework of the city’s development strategy exists, it has not yet been fully implemented. The latest ambition is to prioritize the development of a cultural center, given the proximity of several public and private educational institutions and the municipality library.

This proposal seeks to revitalize the city’s identity by creating an urban connection between the old city center in Fahadan sector and Amir Chakhmaq square, and a more specific area of Tal in the historic city fabric that has been exposed to degradation. The plan is to introduce a new cultural center with adjacent residential building that will complement the programs of the nearby municipality library and other educational institutions in the surrounding area. This project is an opportunity to address the loss of local and cultural identity caused by the modernization of Iran and ensure the preservation and evolution of the city.