Apartment renovation G45

Limited space has been replaced by an open and functional living environment, creating a general flow and usability of the apartment. The design includes a harmonious combination of light gray microtopping and light furniture, connecting the entrance, bathroom, and kitchen areas.

To add depth and dimension, the entire bathroom wall is adorned with mirrors, visually expanding the space. The remaining part of the apartment includes a sleeping corner, office space, and a living room with a dining area. The use of herringbone parquet and light oak veneer creates a pleasant atmosphere in the space.

The standout element is a sliding panel that easily opens or closes the sleeping corner, office space, and TV area, allowing for flexibility and versatility. Above the kitchen island hangs a thin metal plate, separating the kitchen and dining area while providing visual delineation.

The project has transformed the limited space into a harmonious haven of modern design. By opening up the layout and using coordinated materials, we have achieved a seamless flow and improved functionality.