we believe that architecture is a crucial medium that influences our mental state and governs our interactions with the world. Architecture forms the framework for carefully balancing ecosystems that operate at the level of a city, a home, and an individual. Our goal is to capture the essence of the human experience and provide spaces that have a positive impact on our daily lives. We strive to create environments that are in harmonious relation with individuals and society, as well as with the natural and built environment.


limited or spacious, modest or luxurious, every project carries the potential to become exceptional. Each project has a unique essence that we strive to extract and express with power through a clear and elegant concept. To recognize this essence, we analyze the context in which the project belongs; decipher the desires and needs of our clients; decode various regulatory levels; calculate costs and areas; study the path of the sun, views, and movement. All of this is synthesized in form, sequences, and materials. Above all, we ensure that we infuse each space with a touch of indeterminacy and personality, allowing the space to come alive.

who we are

we are a young team of architects and artists specializing in architecture and 3D visualization. Over the past decade, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the fields of design, construction, and visual presentation, both domestically and internationally. We combine our acquired expertise within a creative group that will guide you through a blend of analog and digital presentation techniques, along with active mutual dialogue, to realize unique architectural and design solutions. Our aim is to establish a connection between the multi-layered context “in situ” and the creation of timeless designs that subtly intertwine with either the natural or urban environment.

Jan Pintar


After completing his studies Jan relocated to Montreal, Canada, where he immersed himself in the vibrant architectural scene and worked with renowned international firms. During his time there, he contributed to the design of numerous private and public projects, collaborating clients such as McGill University, Olymbec Development Inc., and Centre de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM).

Jan’s expertise lies in residential housing and interior design. His proficiency in crafting captivating living spaces has earned him recognition. Inspired by his broad experience, he decided to embark on his own path, founding the studio Pintart alongside visual artist Rok Antolinc.

In 2023, he assumed the role of principal partner at Pintart, cementing his commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions. As the lead designer, he is the creative mind behind the projects.

Rok Antolinc

3D vizualizer

A visionary in the world of 3D visualizations and a valued partner at Pintart Architecture & Visualizations. With over 15 years of experience, Rok has established himself as a leading expert in creating exceptional 3D virtual environments that captivate and inspire.

Throughout his career, Rok has perfected his craft, working in a prominent vizualisation office where he honed his expertise and mastered the art of visual storytelling. His dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail have set him in the field.

Proficient in a range of industry-leading software such as 3DS Max, Corona Render, Vray, Blender 3D, and more, Rok combines technical prowess with artistic flair to bring virtual spaces to life. His specialization lies in the creation of immersive 360° virtual tours that exhibit remarkable realism, allowing clients and viewers to fully experience and envision the spaces before they are even built.

In 2023, Rok joined forces with architect Jan Pintar, becoming a partner at Pintart. This collaborative venture brought together their respective talents, combining architectural expertise with Rok’s unrivaled visualization skills.

Together, they formed a dynamic team dedicated to delivering outstanding design solutions and transforming visions into tangible virtual realities.

we collaborate with:

  • Experienced architects and designers who bring rich knowledge and creativity to each project.
  • Structural engineers who provide technical expertise and ensure proper project execution.
  • 3D visualization experts who enable realistic representation of spaces and design solutions.
  • Interior designers who ensure aesthetic refinement of interiors and select appropriate furniture and decorative elements.
  • Lighting designers who create ambient and functional lighting for the desired atmosphere in spaces.
  • Construction teams who ensure high-quality and timely execution of building works.
  • Investors and clients who are key partners in the design and implementation process, as their desires and needs guide our creativity and adaptation.
our partners and sponsors:
  • Svit Pintar, photographer
  • Žiga Lovšin, photographer
  • Nino Lukić, IT
  • Sportour